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file32TB of Windows 10 beta builds, driver source code leaked [Updated] _ Ars Technica.pdf2021-02-07 06:30781 KB
fileExclusive_ Windows 2000 & Windows NT 4 Source Code Leaks - Neowin.pdf2021-02-07 06:30336 KB
fileHacker claims to have grabbed 63.2 GB of Microsoft source code from GitHub - MSPoweruser.pdf2021-02-07 06:301720 KB
fileHacker gains access to a small number of Microsoft's private GitHub repos _ ZDNet.pdf2021-02-07 06:30701 KB
fileHeaps of Windows 10 internal builds, private source code leak online • The Register.pdf2021-02-07 06:301276 KB
fileIf Microsoft Offered You the Windows Source Code, Would You Want It_.pdf2021-02-07 06:3079 KB
fileMainsoft Eyed as Windows Source Code Leak - InternetNews_.pdf2021-02-07 06:3093 KB
fileMicrosoft admits part of Windows source code has leaked.pdf2021-02-07 06:3090 KB
fileMicrosoft Announces First Windows CE Shared Source Program to Allow Commercial Distribution of Modified Source Code - Stories.pdf2021-02-07 06:30233 KB
fileMicrosoft Code Leak Invokes Issues Beyond Security _ Security _ TechNewsWorld.pdf2021-02-07 06:3085 KB
fileMicrosoft Confirms Online Leak Of Windows 10 Source Code.pdf2021-02-07 06:30174 KB
fileMicrosoft confirms some Windows 10 source code has leaked - The Verge.pdf2021-02-07 06:301137 KB
fileMicrosoft Confirms Windows Code Leaked _ PCWorld.pdf2021-02-07 06:301518 KB
fileMicrosoft Finally Takes Down Pirated Windows 2000 Source Code After 11 Years.pdf2021-02-07 06:30110 KB
fileMicrosoft hosts the Windows source in a monstrous 300GB Git repository _ Ars Technica.pdf2021-02-07 06:30818 KB
fileMicrosoft leaves Window open • 06:30349 KB
fileMicrosoft Renames Windows NT 5.0 Product Line to Windows 2000; Signals Evolution of Windows NT Technology Into Mainstream - Stories.pdf2021-02-07 06:30135 KB
fileMicrosoft Takes Pirated Windows NT 4.0 Source Code Offline _ TorrentFreak.pdf2021-02-07 06:301280 KB
fileMicrosoft's Private Windows 10 Internal Builds and Partial Source Code Leaked Online.pdf2021-02-07 06:30415 KB
fileMicrosoft's Windows 10 Shared Source Kit code leaks _ ZDNet.pdf2021-02-07 06:30328 KB
fileMS Windows source code escapes onto Internet • The Register.pdf2021-02-07 06:30133 KB
fileMS Windows Source Code Leak Could Spell Trouble for Microsoft _ Voice of America - English.pdf2021-02-07 06:3098 KB
fileOpenNT.pdf2021-02-07 06:30112 KB
fileOriginal Xbox source code and development kit reportedly leaks _ KitGuru.pdf2021-02-07 06:30222 KB
fileOriginal Xbox Source Code Leaks, Fueling My Saddest Dreams.pdf2021-02-07 06:302273 KB
filePossible NT, Windows 2000 source code leak _ Ars Technica.pdf2021-02-07 06:30697 KB
fileReactOS 'a ripoff of the Windows Research Kernel', claims Microsoft kernel engineer • The Register.pdf2021-02-07 06:30909 KB
fileReactOS suspends development for source code review - 06:3053 KB
fileReset, Reboot, Restart, legal issues and the long road to 0.3 _ ReactOS Project.pdf2021-02-07 06:3055 KB
fileShared Source Initiative _ Licensing Program for the Windows Embedded Compact Platform.pdf2021-02-07 06:3080 KB
fileSource code leak linked to Microsoft partner _ Network World.pdf2021-02-07 06:3097 KB
fileStatement from Microsoft Regarding Illegal Posting of Windows 2000 Source Code - Stories.pdf2021-02-07 06:30101 KB
fileStatement regarding The Register's article - BetaArchive.pdf2021-02-07 06:30101 KB
fileThe Original Xbox's Source Code Has Leaked - Here's What That Means.pdf2021-02-07 06:301363 KB
fileTwo Britons arrested over Microsoft hack - BBC News.pdf2021-02-07 06:30216 KB
fileWaiting for Windows 2000_ Possible interim NT release may offset concerns (InfoWorld).pdf2021-02-07 06:3070 KB
fileWe Are Morons_ a quick look at the Win2k source __ 06:30254 KB
fileWhat happened to Microsoft's source code_ _ Network World.pdf2021-02-07 06:3093 KB
fileWhat the Windows Source Code Leak Means to You.pdf2021-02-07 06:3081 KB
fileWindows 10 forcibly open sourced in massive 32 TB leak, but it may not be a big deal -updated with Microsoft Statement - MSPoweruser.pdf2021-02-07 06:301310 KB
fileWindows 10 source code leaked, Microsoft confirms - SlashGear.pdf2021-02-07 06:30120 KB
fileWindows 10 Source Code, Internal Builds Allegedly Leak Online.pdf2021-02-07 06:303023 KB
fileWindows 7 Source Code To Become Open Source For Better Development Of Security Updates After End Of Life_ - 06:30944 KB
fileWindows CE.NET_ New Version Offers Revamped Platform Builder, Improved Tools, Enhanced API, and Source Code _ Microsoft Docs.pdf2021-02-07 06:30712 KB
fileWindows Code May Be Stolen _ PCWorld.pdf2021-02-07 06:301439 KB
fileWindows Embedded Compact _ Microsoft Wiki _ Fandom.pdf2021-02-07 06:30172 KB
fileWindows Source Code - BetaArchive Wiki.pdf2021-02-07 06:3040 KB
fileWindows Source Leak Traces Back to Mainsoft.pdf2021-02-07 06:30193 KB
fileXbox and Windows 3.5 source code leaks online.pdf2021-02-07 06:30802 KB
fileXbox and Windows NT 3.5 source code hits the Internet - TechSpot.pdf2021-02-07 06:302061 KB
fileXbox and Windows NT 3.5 source code leaks online - The Verge.pdf2021-02-07 06:30932 KB
fileXBox Underground (Part 1).pdf2021-02-07 06:30424 KB
fileXBox Underground (Part 2).pdf2021-02-07 06:302112 KB